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Some tips for people new to vaping…


  You’re thinking about investing in an electronic cigarette. You’ve done your research. You’ve browsed e-cigs on the market, and you’re ready to dive in. Learning how to use it is exciting and sometimes challenging. Like any new technology, you need to learn how the device works and how to vape.

  Vaping requires learning, planning and patience, at least in the beginning. Here are some tips to help make the whole experience more pleasurable:

  Don’t expect vaping to be exactly like smoking. There’s a different feel to vaping as opposed to pulling a cigarette out of the pack, putting it in your mouth, slightly turning your head and lighting it.  Many people expect an e-cig to look and taste like a traditional cigarette. The reality is that an e-cig cannot fulfill both requirements completely, but in many ways vaping is way more satisfying; the sheer variety of flavors to choose from, for example.

  Tobacco flavors come close to tasting like the popular cigarette brands, but you won’t find an exact match. Tobacco flavored liquids are usually made with food flavorings, not tobacco products. Once you’ve chosen which model of e-cig you want, you’ll need to buy some juice to put in it.  You’ll have to learn which liquids are compatible with your e-cig and how to use it. You’ll need to experiment with juices to discover your preferred flavors and which nicotine level and PG/VG ratio works best for you. The experimental stage can take two weeks or it can take a month. Duration isn’t important. What’s important is that you allow yourself to enjoy exploring the world of vaping.

  The smaller the battery, the shorter a period of time the charge is going to last. Most starter kits come with one or two batteries, which may not be enough for the heavy smoker.  A heavy smoker may need to buy additional batteries. If you’re a light smoker, one or two batteries will work well. Battery capacity is measured in mAh (Milliamp Hours).

  It’s also worth noting that regular atomiser changes will allow you to get the best flavour from your liquid. How long your liquid and coils/atomizers last depends on how much you vape, on the type of equipment and liquid  you’re using, and so on. For example, sweeter desert-style juices can reduce the life of your atomiser more rapidly than a less sweet juice. If you enjoy the sweeter stuff though, it’s a small price to pay for the level of enjoyment achieved. If you use low power equipment with a fruit flavour  you may get as long as two or three weeks use from a coil before the flavour deteriorates, tastes burnt or the tank starts to leak or gurgle (“flooding”). These are all signs that your atomiser needs replacing. If you use higher wattage equipment with thicker high-VG liquids for example, you may find your atomiser needs changing after as little as one week or less.

   Vaping is less costly than smoking if you’re responsible. If you’re careful and look after your equipment then batteries and tanks can last a good while. Batteries can last for several months or longer if not abused and charged properly. Cleaning the contacts regularly can also maximize the lifespan of your battery/mod.

  Plan ahead. If you ensure you have an adequate supply of e-liquid and atomisers you need never experience the worry of that last-minute dash to the store when the last atomiser in the pack has come to the end of it’s useful life.

  The art of inhaling an e-cig or “vaping” is fun to learn. Traditional cigarettes are easy enough to inhale from because so long as you suck on it, you’ll get some smoke. E-cigs don’t burn constantly, and they don’t produce smoke; it’s water vapour.  The technique required is different. You cannot inhale the same way as you did when smoking. For best results, take long, slow, gentle draws on your device if it’s a pen-style vape or starter kit. Sub-ohm tanks using more power and “thicker” (high VG percentage) liquids require a different technique again, known as “lung-inhaling”. Practice makes perfect. Soon, vaping will become second nature; and you will be free from the expensive, harmful habit that is smoking….