E-liquid buying guide

Equipment and e-liquid ratio buying guide

When purchasing e-liquid from our website you can select the PG/VG ratio in addition to the nicotine level. Please be aware that there are limits as to how much vegetable glycerin your equipment (with particular reference to the tank) can manage. Vegetable glycerin has a high viscosity; so disposable CE4s along with tanks that use smaller replaceable atomisers are only capable of wicking thinner liquid (lower percentages of VG). 

  Standard ratio in our liquids is 80PG/20VG. This ratio has a strong throat hit and flavour and is best suited to CE4s, small Kanger tanks (e.g. MT3S/Evod 2) and small Aspire tank attys (e.g. BDC CE5S/BDC ETS). The Aspire Nautilus/Nautilus Mini atty can work successfully with 50PG/50VG. If you are using a sub-ohm tank (Atlantis 2, Arctic, Herakles,  Uwell Crown, TFV4 etc) you could use up to 70VG or even 80VG. We have found through experience that it’s better to stick to 70VG if you are out and about in the winter months, and 80VG when the weather is warmer. This is due to the vegetable glycerin thickening at low temperatures and therefore causing some wicking problems (possible dry hits) in sub-ohm tanks during the colder weather. 

  Anything above 80VG is really only suitable for use in a dripper (RDA) as it is too thick to wick successfully in a tank. We currently offer a maximum of 80VG because the flavourings used in the E-Liquid and Gourmet E-Liquid ranges contain PG. If you have a PG allergy you may wish to purchase liquid from the Allergen-Free section of the site as these liquids do not contain any PG.

  Another point worth mentioning for you menthol vapers out there, is that menthol-flavoured liquids can solidify or even freeze at low temperatures slightly above 0° C; something to be aware of in the colder weather. 

  Hopefully this information should assist you in selecting an appropriate PG/VG ratio liquid for your equipment; please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice if you need further assistance in this matter.