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Winter Is Coming!

As summer draws to a close and we enter in to autumn/winter you may want to think about altering your VG/PG ratios slightly.

As we are all aware VG doesn’t cope well in the colder months, with it being a thick, viscous liquid it will get even thicker in cold temperatures.

If your first inhales of the day are dry/harsh this is a sure sign that the VG is not wicking as well as it usually would in the warmer months, you may also find that the amount of chain inhales you would normally  take throughout the day  will get lower than usual in the winter months.

All you have to do is drop down to a 70% VG and this problem should go away and you will still be able to have your clouds!!!

If you use menthol liquids or flavours containing menthol we also recommend keeping an eye on this as menthol also reacts to cold temperatures.