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Using the Wismec RX300 Preheat Function…

One of the features of the RX300 that we really like is the coil preheat setting.

This enables you to manually set a higher wattage than you are actually vaping at to get your high-powered sub-tank or RDA/RTA coils up to working temperature more quickly when you press the fire button. This period of preheat can be set in 1/10ths (0.1) of a second. This gives you precise control of how hard the mod hits your atomiser at the start of your inhale. It also avoids any initial firing delay or lag that you may have previously experienced with other mods when heating a coil to higher wattages.

To access this functionality simply hold down the firing button and “power up” (the right-hand button) at the same time. Move past the first option (Logo on/off) to access the preheat settings. Use the up, down and fire buttons to set the preheat wattage and duration in 0.1 second steps. A good working example is as follows; firing the Cleito 120 tank at 105 watts we found that a preheat wattage of around 120 watts for 0.1 seconds duration works well. Of course, this is all down to personal taste in terms of how hard you want the mod to hit the coil at the start of your draw.

This is a great feature in our opinion, giving you much more control than simply adjusting the hit strength setting found on some mods to “soft/medium/hard”. Apparently it can even improve atomiser life by helping to prevent build-up of deposits on your coil!

Enjoy experimenting with it, the RX300 is a really solid device