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TPD and TRPR E-Liquid Regulations

The Purest Vapours would like to inform our customers about the new TPD and TRPR E-Liquid Regulations. Here is some information about this.

What are the regulations?

TPD – EU Tobacco Products Directive

TRPR – UK Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2016 (

What does this mean?

Unfortunately this will mean that many e-liquid producers will stop inventing different flavours as each e-liquid combination will need to be chemically analysed and the results sent to an EU organisation. This will be a significant cost for each flavour to be manufactured. We have already heard from some other e-cigarette and vaporiser companies and stores that will be closing due to these regulations.

What about The Purest Vapours?

We will be fully compliant with these regulations and have invested heavily in technology to analyse each e-liquid. Hopefully there will not have to be price increases. We set out to provide high quality, affordable and different flavour combination e-liquids to so that it will help our customers quit smoking and take up the much healthier alternative.

Thanks for your support, more information will be released on our website soon.