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The Purest Vapours Autumn/Winter Update Newsletter.


There has been a few updates to our website over the past few days and this will continue over the coming weeks so look out for future email/blog info regarding future updates, the main points of this newsletter are listed below.


New mods/kits

We have had lots of new stock arrive including vape kits and individual mods these include both sub ohm & non sub-ohm set ups so there is something for everyone over the next week we will also be getting new tanks in as well.


Bargain Bin

To make room for our new stock we are having a big sale on a lot of items so be sure to grab a great deal in our bargain bin section.



We have a wide range of coils & atomizers in stock supporting the older and the newer tanks on the market we also support all of the tanks we sell.


Organic Flavours

Adding new flavours to our organic flavour menu is an ongoing process so be sure to regularly check the list as we are always making new recipes & flavours.