VG Nicotine bomb 50 x 8ml

8ml Nico Bombs. These are used for the mixing of 10ml bottles. The bottle contains 8ml of nicotine base, allowing enough room for the flavour to be added to the bottle. Ideal if you wish you wish to mix high strengths or small amounts.



Got your own flavours but want to add nicotine?

Buy one of our 8ml TPD registered nico bombs.

Any strength priced at £55.00.

Additional information

VG/Nico strength

80vg-18mg, 80vg-12mg, 80vg-6mg, 80vg3mg, 50vg-18mg, 50vg-12mg, 50vg-6mg, 50vg-3mg, 20vg-12mg, 20vg-6mg, 20vg-3mg