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New Juices Now In Stock:

We are pleased to announce that we have a new range premium brand Eliquids adding a total of 19 new flavours to our list, below is the full list of the new flavours with a brief description of the flavour.

The Gold Standard Range:

Chocolate Torte Infused With Fruits

Just like the popular desert this will satisfy you every time you vape it, a rich chocolate flavour with a unique subtle fruity undertone.

Custard Creme Biscotti

This flavour will leave your taste buds wanting more, a sweet creamy custard on the inhale with a rich biscuit taste on the exhale, this has to be a perfect all day vape.

Frosted Citrus

A wonderful blend of different fruit & citrus flavours with a subtle hint of mint, a refreshing all day vape that will keep your taste buds guessing.

Golden Tobacco

A rich tasting tobacco with a sweet undertone, perfect for vapers who still love tobacco flavoured juices.

Nut Mallow Wafer Thins

A creamy, nutty flavour with hints of biscuit and marshmallow will definitely make your mouth water every time you vape it.

Old Skool Sweets Range:

Blacka Jaxx

Every child’s top pick in any 20p mix-up, a sweet blackcurrant and aniseed flavour every time you vape it.

Cherry Chunes

You really didn’t need to have a cold to enjoy one of these, a sweet cherry flavour with a subtle cooling undertone.


A sweet raspberry & milk flavour just like the traditional lollipop.

Fruity Salad

Take off the wrapper and have a vape down memory lane with this traditional fruity flavour.

Pear Drops

Yet another trip down memory lane with this flavour its as if you’ve opened up the white paper bag and put one in your mouth.

Strawberry Chewie

A mouth-wateringly delicious tangy strawberry flavour, another perfect all day vape.

Pupp Slushie

It doesn’t have to be a nice hot summers day to enjoy an ice cold slush, you can now vape as much as you want to all year round without getting brain freeze.

Rhubarb & Custard

Just like the boiled sweet but without the crunch, a tangy rhubarb with a sweet creamy custard.

Greys Herbal Tablets

You dont need to have a cold or a sore throat to vape this flavour, a sweet mentholated vape with eucalyptus undertones, even none menthol vapers will love this flavour.

Other Flavours:

Grants Custard

Honestly one of our favourites, its good enough to be poured over and fitting desert, truly one of the best custard flavours we have every vaped.


This flavour was not made in Walter Whites lab however it is a great all day vape, a subtle blend of fruit candy with a hint of menthol.

Blackcurrant Blast.

Anyone who likes there menthol flavours will love this, a rich tangy blackcurrant with a refreshing menthol exhale.

Reace’s Crispy Cream Doughnut

Another one of our favourites, a delicious chocolate peanut butter doughnut that isn’t too sweet and does not wreck your coil, if your a fan of peanut butter and like your desert vapes you have to try this one, definitely a perfect all day vape.

Wild Blueberry Bluet Savage

If the name doesn’t draw you to this flavour then the taste certainly will, a tangy blueberry with rich blackcurrant undertones another excellent all day fruity vape.