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Junes Top Selling Flavours

Junes Top Selling Flavours

Krispy Kreme Reece’s Doughnut (BRAND NEW FLAVOUR)

This flavour is a must for anybody that loves chocolate peanut butter doughnuts, the flavour is immense you can individually taste the chocolate, peanut butter and the doughnut, finally complemented by the sweet after taste on the tongue.

Dandelion & Burdock

Another trip down memory lane with this classic loved drink flavour, a true representation of summer as a child and now as an adult, the only thing missing from this flavour is the ice cubes its poured over.

Lemon Meringue Pie

A classic flavour here at the purest vapours and still one of the most popular, the sweet taste of the meringue biscuit base with undertones of lemon on the inhale this flavour is easily an all day vape and with other desert flavours in mind lemon meringue pie does not shorten the life of your coils, if you haven’t tried this flavour then we suggest you do as you will be pleasantly surprised.