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2 New Flavours To Add To Our Organic and Gourmet E-Liquid List

-Cherry Liqueur Ice Cream (this can be found in our Gourmet list)

  Here we go, it’s time for a yummy flavour update.

 Another new liquid to tickle your taste buds, Cherry Liqueur Ice Cream is here.

We took some fresh dairy ice cream and blended it with essence of perfectly ripened Italian Marasca cherries, producing a slightly bittersweet cherry flavour with a subtle hint of almonds…Delightful!

  Why wait for a special occasion? You can vape this delicious desert whenever you fancy, just pop into one of our stores and grab yourself a bottle today!

Juicy Melons (this can be found in our Organic list)

 It’s a bit chilly at this time of year, not necessarily the most inspiring weather…

Here at Purest Vapours we’re anticipating warmer days and blue skies with a brand new fruity and fragrant Desert liquid with a cheeky twist; Juicy Melons!

 We blended sweet American cantaloupe and fresh watermelon with whipped cream. Then we added the cheeky bit, so cheeky in fact we’re not even going to tell you what it is.

 Find out for yourself; pop into one of our stores or order online for a taste of sunnier days to come.