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New Flavours.

Chocolate Caramel Digestive:

  Just like the well-known brand of biscuit we all love; this flavour faithfully reproduces that delicious chocolate coating with a layer of yummy caramel underneath, all finished off with a crumbly wholemeal biscuit as its foundation.  The perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa, but without all those naughty calories!

Blueberry Rhubarb Pie:

  Bursting with the timeless flavour of fresh, juicy blueberries partnered with the slight tartness of rhubarb, all lovingly encased in a sweet shortcrust base; we’re confident this traditional pie recipe will have you asking for “more”!

New York Breakfast:

  Definitely one for you desert-lovers; perfectly toasted breakfast waffles with sweet strawberries and hints of blueberry, all drenched in maple syrup and topped with chopped pecans…just close your eyes and think of America!

Blueberry Breakfast:

  An alternative take on New York Breakfast with the emphasis on Blueberry Jam rather than strawberries; a generous helping of maple syrup paired with all that jammy goodness makes for a very tasty desert vape.